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The information here is for PERSONAL/PRIVATE commissions.
If you are a company, publisher or other professional looking for commissioned work via freelance, please contact me directly at

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Do you do porn or graphic violence?
I do not do porn. Tasteful nudity is usually okay, but will be determined on a case by case basis. While moderate violence is okay, I will not do excessively violent or hateful imagery.

What if I just want a quote?
That's fine. Simply choose "I just want a quote" on the inquiry form. There is no charge for the quote. Filling out the inquiry does not mean that you have started the commission, and it does not mean that you are guaranteed a commission slot.

Why do you charge by the day?
All illustrations by Nick Zorn start the same way, which means that the more time taken, the more detailed the piece will be. This way the client has more control over how long the commission will last, and they will know just how detailed of a piece they will receive.

If you don't know how long a piece will take, that's fine. Just estimate, and we can figure it out before beginning the commission.

The daily rate may seem high to some; keep in mind that I do work outside of the allotted time frame as well. Before starting in on any piece, I will spend up to two hours gathering additional reference material, compiling textures and beginning preliminary sketches. After sketch approval, then the time start. Also, if I do not feel that the end product is up to the necessary quality, I will take time outside of what has been paid for.

I can't afford to pay all at once, do you do payment plans?
If you need to set up payment plans, that is absolutely fine. I can take a down payment for the preliminary sketches and thumbnails and set up a plan for the remainder.

What if I want something that isn't an example on the sheet?
If there's something that you want that isn't on the commission sheet, just describe it on the inquiry form and we can discuss it.